Tel Aviv Open Markets

By Michal Moreno

After visiting so many cities of the world, and thoroughly looking into the shopping scene of each and every one, I have come to the conclusion that Tel Aviv is a shopper's heaven. It has everything a shopping saavy tourist needs, and some of the best open markets.

This article will focus on the many open markets in Tel-Aviv, and each of the markets' uniqueness, so here it goes...

  • Shuk Hakarmel - Tel Aviv's central fresh products and food market. It offers food, fruits, vegetables and also a few stands with basic clothing and lingerie. The north entrance to shuk hakarmel is from Allenby street - next to king george st. and the south entrance is from "Karmelit" bus station - next to the David intercontinental.

  • Shuk Hakarmel - fruits, vegetables.Photo Isaak Behar

    Shuk Hakarmel - clothing
  • Shuk Betzalel - Tel Aviv's textile and shopping market, where you can buy children's clothes, women's clothes, lingerie and other textile at extrmely low prices.
    Suhk Betzalel's main streets are Beit Lehem, Betzalel, Hamakabi and Tchernichovsky.
    Entering Shuk Betzalel can be from king george or Allenby street - to the north - west from their corner.

  • Shuk Levinski - a strange mixture of a spices market, and a street for buying lamp shades. Here you can buy the best "bureks" in town, as well as spices and greek-turkish delights.
    Levinski market is on Levinski street - between Aliya and Hertzel streets.

  • The flea market - Jaffa's biggest market is a traditional flea market. It is surrounded by many other small markets. Getting there is easiest from Jaffa's clock square - turn left after leaving the square to the south.

  • Shuk Hatikva - this market is not really at the heart of Tel-Avvi, but it is one of the biggest food markets in Israel, and really worth a visit. It has recently been renovated, and now it's cleaner and tydier.
    The Tikva market entrance is from the "Etzel" street on "shchunat hatikva".
That's it!
I recommend that you visit all markets - each is unique, and gives a much better experience than any shopping mall.

Michal writes for israel-travel tips - a travel guide all written by a native Israeli from the insider's point of view.

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