Tourist Ideas for Tel Aviv

By Kevin Delbert


The very mention of the city of Tel Aviv in Israel conjures up images of medieval inns and picturesque colonies. However, a trip to the city in today's world would reveal quite a different image. Enjoying a reputation as a city which never sleeps, Tel Aviv is dotted the perfect blend of ancient culture and modern ideas. Dotted with fancy nightclubs and imposing buildings, the city is also home to some of the most respected museums and historical landmarks, which remain a witness to the rich history of the city. Add to that some of the most amazing landscapes and beaches imaginable, and you have a perfect tourist's paradise!

Almost exclusive, the appeal of the twin beaches of Tel Baruch as well as Hatzok is one that every tourist to this city should enjoy. Surrounded by sand that is almost pristine in its whiteness and a promenade, these two beaches constitute the two most popular tourist attractions of the city. Check out the amazing drinks that are sold here as you enjoy the sight of the setting sun.

A historian's delight, a tour of the ancient region of Old Jaffa is a definite must include in your tour itinerary to Tel Aviv. The perfect place to walk around while bargain shopping, one of the main attractions of Old Jaffa is the ancient lighthouse, which stands even today, looking on proudly on to the sea. This part of the city was primarily an ancient port that is today characterized mainly by a very popular flea market. If shopping makes you hungry, Old Jaffa also offers the services of some of the most exotic options of cuisine imaginable. Check out the amazing breakfast places that dot this beautiful part of the city.

Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv If you love the blend of history and modernism, a visit to Neve Tzedek is just the thing for you. One of the most beautiful places within the city, Neve Tzedek is laid back and surrounded with some of the most amazing architectural examples of the flux that characterizes the entirety of the city of Tel Aviv. The Rokach House is an example of this, drawing countless visitors to its doors everyday.

If you have a passion for art and culture, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will keep you enraptured for ages. Known for its amazing collection, the Tel Aviv Museum is the perfect help you would need to take a glimpse into the rich culture of Israel. Founded in 1932, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is in fact even older than Israel. The museum is also home to some other genres of art and the exhibits include some of the most famous specimens of European art and culture. Another popular attraction within the Museum is the Tel Aviv Museum Cinema which offers shows of some of the most educational documentaries that the student of art can hope for.

Tel Aviv, Hacarmel Market Providing the locals with fresh fruits and vegetables, the Hacarmel Market is also one of the leading tourist destinations within the city of Tel Aviv. The Markets is one of the best examples of a medieval market, with hawkers screaming away their ware and hand drawn carts being drawn all across the area. Also remember to check out the clothing stalls which are to be crossed before reaching the fruits and vegetable stalls. Check out the daily hustle bustle of the area as you witness the life of Tel Aviv, just like the people of the city do!

Israel's largest city, Tel Aviv promises to charm you with its perfection. The charm is reflected in the hearts of the people too, who along with the city itself ensure that you take away the memories of the city and look back with a smile always!

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