10 things you must do in Israel

by Neomi Rose


* Float in the Dead Sea - I have to tell you my biggest secret, since I can remember I was trying to float. Every person I know tried to teach me but I could never do it. I guess that I just can't relax my body... BUT when I got to the Dead Sea, well that was magical... you just sit and you float... I actually read a book in the middle of the Dead Sea while I'm floating. I never felt so good. So you should know while you are floating you even enrich your body with minerals...! So if you ask me that's the first thing you should do...

* Scuba dive in the red sea - After I sew that even I can float I decided to check the opposite, I went scuba dive in Eilat (in the Red Sea). In Eilat there are several options for diving. You can dive with dolphins, you can dive in Eilat Reef which is amazing, and you can try the eel garden which is unique.

* Tour the old city, Jerusalem - The old city in Jerusalem is a place that you can tour for weeks but if you have a limited time I suggest you to tour the old city for at least half a day (this is really the minimum). For the best experience in the old city there a few sites you can't miss, such as: Jaffa Gate, St. James church, the Dormition church, Davis tomb and the Western wall (don't forget to put a note in the stones), you can take a tour (extra charge) in the western wall tunnels.

* Sunset on Tel Aviv beach - One of the most astonishing things in Israel in the combination of Desert and Water, Israel is a dry country, but it has amazing beaches. The Tel Aviv beaches are amazing. I am a romantic person so one of the things I enjoyed the most was taking a walk on the beach just when the sun begin to set... the sunset in Tel Aviv is spectacular.

* Night tour in Tel Aviv - As you may know Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps, so there for night life in Tel Aviv is very lively... What I suggest is to do a "bar tour". One of the streets that are most popular in the best bars is "Dizengoff". So in your bar tour just go in to a bar if you like it stay and drink only one drink and then go to the next bar. It's one of the best things you can do, the bars in Tel Aviv are really cool and every one of them has a different atmosphere... do it!

* Visit the Baha'i gardens in Haifa One of the most astonishing gardens you will ever see in your life. The gardens is so accurate designed, there is not even one leaf that is not exactly in the right place. No matter where you look from it's amazing. Apart from being a beautiful place it's a holy place for the Baha'i religion.

* Desert tour - jeep trip 4 Hour Jeep Tour to the Red Canyon, This attraction tour is the Jewel in our Crown of Tours; It combines a Jeep Tour in the colorful Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve, including the remnants of the old Pilgrims Road to Mecca, and a short hike in the famous "Red Canyon". Herb-tea and cookies are also served on this tour.

* Hula Valley - Hula Valley is a great place for nature lovers. This is the place birds' stop in their way from Africa to Europe and back. When you visit the Hula Valley you feel reconnection with nature, it's a wonderful place to hike.

* Eat Hummus - One of the best kept secrets in Israel is Hummus. If you sew the movie "don't mess with the Zohan" you might notice that everything Israelis do involve Hummus, that's not really true but Hummus is one of the best local food you can find in Israel. If you can just stop in a Hummus restaurant and eat Hummus I think you'll like it...

* Biking around the sea of Galilee - The Sea of Galilee is one of the Greenest places in Israel. As I already said, Israel is an amazing place because of the variety of views you have in the south you have a desert and in the north you have mountains and lake (the Sea of Galilee). So one of the best ways to see the Galilee area is by riding a bike... you can rent a bike really easily and there they will give you a track you can do by difficulty levels.

So I guess now you have anything you need for touring Israel in the best way... so if you are really serious and you are planning a trip I found a really nice and cool web site you can use, so enjoy your staying in Israel - http://www.binisrael.com


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