Things To Do in Tel Aviv

By Jonathan G


Sea & Sand
Probably the primary attractions for many tourists to Tel Aviv are the wonderful beaches and the sea. The beaches and coastline stretch from the port to ancient Jaffa (over 5Km) and are just outside the hotel for many guests.

Water Sports
Why confine yourself to the beach and swimming? There are many great facilities here for wind surfing and sailing etc.

The Tayelet
The Tayelet is a boardwalk that runs alongside the beach and the coast - a place to stroll, relax, jog and ride at all hours of the day and night.

Ancient Jaffa
Jaffa is an ancient city several thousands of years old - and features in the story of Jonah and the whale. It is now restored, part of the Tel Aviv metropolis and a great place to wander, enjoy the history and to browse the galleries in the artist colony.

The Port
Recently restored port is now a great place to relax, eat and shop by the sea.

Yarkon Park
Tel Aviv's green lung Yarkon is a great park on both banks of the Yarkon River ending by the sea. Watch the boats or rent one yourself, walk, cycle, picnic, relax and visit the petting zoo.

Tel Aviv has many different types of shopping - several great malls, but also HaTachana - a restored train station near Jaffa and Tel Aviv port. There are also more special places like the Carmel Market and Nahalat Binyamin.

Museums and Galleries
There are some outstanding museums, including the Diaspora Museum, Rabin Center and the Haaretz Museum. There are also many fine galleries including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Tel Aviv is famous for the number and quality of its Bauhaus style buildings.

There are many well developed cycle tracks through Yarkon Park and of course along the coast. You can also ride north from the port to Tel Baruch beach (and even beyond towards Herzliya.)

Neve Tzedek
One of the oldest neighborhoods, now being extensively restored and a popular tourist walk.

Look Up

Visit the observation deck in the Azrieli Towers - great views of the city, the sea and eastward towards the mountains and Jerusalem.

Party Time
Tel Aviv prides itself as the city in Israel that never sleeps, there is a wide choice of places to eat and party.

Israel is a small country and Tel Aviv makes a great base to tour Israel. For day trips try Ashkelon - an ancient city with an amazing beach and just to the north Herzliya Beach. Places further a field would include Haifa and perhaps the Galilee and Golan, South to some of the highlights of the Negev Desert and if you are not staying in Jerusalem you should devote a day or more to catching the highlights.

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