The City of Tel Aviv and Its Tourism

by Mainka Kaushal


Tel Aviv, the capital city as well as the largest city in Israel, is stretched along the Mediterranean Sea. It is a bustling metropolis which is also an important centre for commerce as well as provides excellent tourism facilities attracting tourists from different corners of the world every year in hordes. Israel is a country steeped in natural beauty as well as fascinating history. And its capital city is a perfect blend of modernity and traditions; it provides all excellent modern amenities for comfort to the citizens and tourists alike and also upholds its rich culture and tradition which continues to mesmerize people and they flock to this citadel of Jewish culture and tradition.

The imposing skyscrapers, the excellent roads, shopping malls, scores of hotels in different corners of the city along with other amenities like markets, hospitals and proper law and order never fail to impress the tourists. The city is also home to some of the country's best museums, picture galleries, concert halls, theaters and other centers of culture. There is the world famous Tel Aviv Museum of Art which is famous for housing some excellent collections of modern art. The Tel Aviv Center for the Performing Arts is also home to its theaters and other cultural centers. This center is also home to the Habima National Theater and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. For art-lovers, Tel Aviv never fails to provide various means to keep them engrossed in the country's rich heritage of art and culture.

Tel Aviv is known for its unique atmosphere of superb excitement and fun. The atmosphere is energetic and charged and many visitors who want to take a break from their boring mundane life will find themselves enjoying this fun ambience. Tel Aviv beach is basically a beautiful strip of beach bordering the Mediterranean Sea. There is a sunny clear weather in tourist seasons; the sand and the sun, the fun and frolic in the beach, the long hours of lazy relaxing, the water sports, the bathing and all makes Tel Aviv beach one of the star attractions of the city.

The foodie amongst us will not be disappointed in Tel Aviv as well. It is home to many excellent gourmet restaurants, serving both continental as well as authentic Israeli delicacies which will satisfy everybody's taste buds. Tel Aviv restaurants are famous for serving local delicacies like the falafel which is actually fried chickpeas and other native dishes which not only intrigues the more adventurous people who want to try out something new but also make them keep coming back for more such wonderful dining experiences. The services are wonderful and world-class; the prices reasonable depending upon the restaurant though. There are scores of fancy restaurants where the prices are a little stiff to simple roadside small restaurants which do not stint on services or the quality of food either but all these come at extremely reasonable price. This is actually good news for the traveler traveling on a fixed budget and wants to sample native dishes in a Tel Aviv restaurant without burning a hole in his or her pocket.

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