Tel Aviv- A City With Beautiful Museums

By Tim Martin

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

If you plan to have a vacation in the wonderful city of Tel Aviv, the city is home to numerous historical museums that portray the rich cultural heritage of Tel Aviv-Yafo as well as the country of Israel. So after you and your family checked-in in the Tel Aviv Seashore Suites, have a stroll around the city and visit some of the amazing museums that will surely entertain and educate you with their exhibits.
Located in the Ramat Aviv at the northern section of Tel Aviv, the Eretz Israel Museum is one of the premier museums within the city limits that house several anthropological, archaeological, and historical artifacts of the ancient Tel Aviv. The museum was established in 1953 and comprises of four pavilions that features different varieties of exhibits.
If you want to discover a relic of a glass furnace that was dated about 13th century CE then you can found it in Nechushtan Pavilion, along with other smelting furnaces such as the Bowl Furnace (4th millennium BCE) and Domed Furnace (14th-13th centuries BCE). These smelting furnaces are remnants from the Chalcolithic era and from the late Bronze Age.
On the other pavilions, particularly the Midianite Temple Pavilion, houses a shrine called the Midianite Temple that features a very rare artifact of a copper snake with gilded head. The Glass Pavilion has a large collection of ancient glass vessels which includes two extraordinary vessels named as rhyton (a very common container in ancient Persia), and the Ennions Blue Jug; while the Philatelic Pavilion relates the history of postal service of the country at some stage in the mid-19th century until 1948. A 1949 mail truck is one of the special interests in the pavilion.
Established in 1932, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is the residence of the classical and contemporary Israeli art. It is located in the King Saul Avenue and features a sculpture garden plus a youth wing. At the entrance lobby you will find a hanging giant two-panel mural that was created by Roy Lichtenstein, an American pop artist. Lichtenstein intended the mural for the museum in 1989. Aside from Lichtensteins artwork, visitors will be amazed of other art masterpieces such as the Friedericke Maria Beer (1916) and the Untitled Improvisation V (1914), made by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and Russian master Wassily Kandinsky, respectively.
Another interesting museum worth for a visit is the Beth Hatefutsoth (also known as Diaspora Museum) which is conveniently located on the Tel Aviv University campus. The museum is recognized as one of the most innovative museums not only in Israel but also in the world because of its modern audio-visual displays after it was founded in 1978. Just nearby the Tel Aviv University at Chaim Levanon St. is the Palmach Museum, which presents a multimedia experience that portrays the Palmach legacy and history.

These are the four premiere museums in Tel Aviv that will definitely make your vacation a worthwhile experience. On the other hand, if you want a more remarkable stay in the city then just log on at for more details for a luxurious accommodation.

Eretz Israel Museum

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