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Beach hotels in Tel Aviv

If you are a beach lover and planning to go for a vacation with your friends or family, Tel Aviv beaches would be one of the best options for you. Tel Aviv is one of the largest cities in Israel and it houses some of the premiere beach resorts because off its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the beaches of Tel Aviv have been named according to the hotel or street nearby. Now, have a look on some of the best beaches of Tel Aviv:

Metzitzim or Sheraton Beach
Sheraton Hotel was situated near this beach years ago, that's why the beach is called Sheraton Hotel. Recently, the beach has been refurbished with the showers and toilets and it is quiet peaceful and nice. There is also a beach bar called Metzitzim, which is opened in the evening.

Hof Hatzuk
This is the beach in Tel Aviv where you have to pay entrance fee. It is in the northern part of Tel Aviv. It's huge and you can not reach by foot to the center.

Hilton Beach
This is the best suited beach if you like to swim in wave less sea. Here, there is a pool like sea on the left part of the breakwater where you can also enjoy swimming but you have to beware of the kayaks, boats or surfboards. A beach bar is also there, called Topsy Bar where you can enjoy delicate sweets and drinks.

Dolphinarium Beach
If you are looking for an ultimate beach that combines relaxation and action, Dolphinarium Beach would be right place for you. It's located near Charles Clore Park and also known as Drummer's beach because drummers are performing drumming festivity here along with dancers, caporea and jugglers artists in the week-end.

Banana Beach
This beach has been named according to the famous banana beach café. Here, you can watch the coolest view of coastal sea by sitting there comfortably as there are many tables and chairs provided by the café. Hence, anybody can enjoy drinking their favorite drinks while reading as well as watching the fantastic sea view.

Givat Aliya Beach
This beach is located in the southern part of the city, famous for beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere. The beach is suitable for sightseeing and a leisure walk, not ideal for swimming because of rough waves and rocky shores. You can get the best Arab cuisines and delicious menus in the restaurants nearby the beach.

There are long lists of beaches in Tel Aviv, where you can enjoy your vacations whether you are in a business trip or personal tour.

Beach hotels in Tel Aviv

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