Tel Aviv-Tourist Haven

by Mainka Kaushal


Israel, home to many a fascinating spots of natural beauty, monuments, mosques, museums of stunning historical significances, has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world so much so that travel and tourism has become one of its most lucrative means of earning foreign exchange to boost up the national economy. Much care has been taken to develop the various tours and travel facilities in Israel. The transport system has developed greatly in recent times; the ancient monuments and other tourist spots have been maintained with utmost care; security has been tightened with strict law and order to maintain peace and safety of the tourists; roads have been constructed and repaired etc. Also excellent hotels, restaurants, other modes of entertainment have been developed to keep the tourists hooked to the country's wonderful achievement of perfectly blending modernity with ancient culture and traditions. Tel Aviv, the capital city, never fails to testify to this claim. Tel Aviv, which is also considered as the first Hebrew city, occupies a very important position in the history of the country as well as its map of tourism. It is a vibrant metropolis which is on one hand a very important center of commerce with commercial tie-ups with different countries but is also an amazing, exciting, fun place to spend your holiday in.

Tel Aviv provides something for everyone. For the fun-loving traveler who loves beaches and is looking forward to soak up the sun and enjoy some water sports as well, there are gorgeous beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Tel Aviv beaches have acquired quite a name for themselves for being some of the most beautiful and well-maintained beaches in the world. There is the wonderful Dolphinarium beach, Metzitzim beach , Gordon beach etc where you get several facilities like beach volleyball, playground for children, permission to run your dog etc. It provides amazing opportunities of bathing, walking, water sports, lazing around and relaxing and the breathtakingly beautiful sunrise and sunset can make people fall in love with the city and the country as a whole.

If you are a tourist, then rest assured that you will find excellent accommodations in Tel Aviv which will not only suit your tastes but also your pockets. Tell Aviv hotels are of various kinds-there are luxury five start hotels for people who want to live in extreme comfort and luxury while on holidays. The prices are stiff but the services are impeccable. There are other low-tariff hotels in Tel Aviv for the more budget-conscious traveler. But in spite of the low affordable rates, they never stint on the service, thus making your trip more memorable. The security is excellent; food is amazing; all sorts of services are available and the price is just what suits you. No wonder, Tel Aviv hotels of different kinds do such brisk business during peak tourist seasons.

For the art-lover, Tel Aviv provides superb picture galleries, museums that are home too different ancient manuscripts, statues and other relics which are preciously guarded here. Israel is a fascinating country. And its capital city has everything to take your breath away if you every happen to pay a visit.

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