Sightseeing in Israel - A Tourist's Checklist

by Mark Thomas Walters


A timeless paradise at the center of the world, Israel attracts millions of people from around the world with its culture, history and beauty. If you decide to spend a vacation there, you should consider visiting the following places during your stay...

Masada - Situated close to the Dead Sea, Masada was both Herod's summer palace and the last stronghold to withstand the might of the Roman Empire. With breathtaking views of the Sea, Jordan, and the mountains, Masada is sure to captivate you.

Golan Heights - This place has something to please everyone. Sip coffee in the Druze villages, taste wine from the wineries, and enjoy the amazing of the neighboring nations. Alternatively, you can have a great time by simply taking a leisurely stroll around the many winding roads.

Rosh Hanikra - With the Mediterranean to the west and Lebanon to the north, there are plenty of sights to see from the cable car rides and the caves dotting the region. Rosh Hanikra has a colorful dating from the time of Abraham til World War II, and is still considered an important strategic location today.

Akko - With one foot in the past and the other in present, Akko blends stone walkways and stylish shops with some of the most beautiful sunsets that can be seen anywhere on earth.

Beit Gavrielle - A hotspot for modern culture, Beit Gavrielle offers the finest cuisine and the most in-vogue art, along with lots of attractions to keep the attention of younger generations.

Jerusalem - Jerusalem is one of the most well known and oldest cities in the whole world. The focus of thousands of years of conflict and trade, the city it now offers winding streets lined with shops selling all kinds of things, centuries old markets, and a variety of religious sites and museums.

Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv offers visitors jogging, biking, beach sports, fine food and many nightclubs. The heart of the city shows off a sensational skyline - among the most beautiful in the world.

Nahariyya - This coastal resort has a beautiful boardwalk atmosphere and provides the perfect location to relax in complete peace.

Ein Gedi Spa And Resort - Located at the bottom of the world - 1300 ft. below sea level - this resort offers scenic surrounding and a range of activities, along with lots of peace and quiet if that is what you are looking for.

Tiberius Boat Rides - No trip to the Sea of Galilee is complete without taking one of this boat rides. Enjoy the mysteries of the sea whilst you listen to local folk music and take in the beauty of the hillside shores.

There are of course many other great places to visit too but, if you are on a tight schedule, then you should start off with the above attractions. Israel really does offer something for everyone, and you are guaranteed not to go away from disappointed with what you seen, done and experienced. Once you have been once, you will more than likely find yourself making a return a visit.

This article was edited and distributed by Mark Walters on behalf of Todd Horton, who is a Christian speaker with a love for the land and people of Israel.

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