Bus transportation in Israel

by Danny Vinn


In Israel there are a few transportation means, bus because of the country size the public bus transportation is one of the best transportation means that you can use in Israel, here are some information about it's benefits and how to use the bus transportation of Israel in the best way.

Israel has something like 10 big cities and because Israel is size is bigger vertically its a lot more easy to get yourself from point to point in Israel with the express bus lines that goes fast from one big city to another.

all most in any city inside Israel you will be able to find a single main Central bus station that has most of the bus lines that are going outside the city, mostly the inside (in-lines) lines will be places inside the central bus station also, or in a walk way near the bus stations, another useful transportation mean that can be found there (in the central bus station area) is the Taxi-Cab services and sometimes in the big cities you will also find a train station close to the central bus station bus station, in tel aviv the "hagana" train station is located just a 300 meters away from the central bus station (the central bus station in tel aviv called "the new central bus station" or "Tel-Aviv's New Central Bus station) and in Jerusalem the central bus station located just in the entrance of the city and a train station is now under construction and will be available soon.

Its easy because from the central bus stations you have buses to almost any city in Israel and its going through a lot of cities on its way to the destination city, you have 2 types of city-to-city bus lines, the express that goes directly to the destination city and the "mehasef" that goes via a few of the cities on the way to the destination city's central bus station.

The main Bus Companies in Israel are "Egged" and "Dan" but in the last few years a lot of new bus companies can be found serving in israel, today there are something like 10 public bus transportation companies and they are separated to some areas, the "dan" company is the biggest company in the central area in Tel-Aviv's metropolis called "Gush-Dan" and they were they got the name from but the biggest bus company in israel is "egged" that gives 60% of all the public bus transportation of israel, if you are visiting Israel you should get some information about the bus companies that works in the area of your visit the save money and time while you are there.

Most of the bus companies and the bus lines that provided works until 23:00 some of them only until 21:00 but the more popular the line is the more easy to find it working until 23:30 and even 24:00, you can read about the lines and time of the arrival and departure of the bus by the bus station on the bus companies websites, but not all the bus companies yet have an working in english website, the big ones have an working English updated websites so its not problem if you need information about getting a bus to or from a main city.

The price is pretty cheap and you can by a ticket with cash from the bus driver when you are getting to the bus. tickets also available in the bus booking-office and you can pay there with a credit card, remember that the entrance to the bus in Israel is from the bus's front door and the back-door is made for exit, you need to buy a ticket from the bus driver or show him a pass when you are getting inside.

I hope this information been useful for you and your visit and stay in Israel will be nice and happy and easy with the public bus transportation services in israel.

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