Ben Gurion International Airport-
The Main Entry Point to Tel Aviv

by Tim Martin

When traveling to from one city to another, transportation is very important so you can go out to different places easier and faster. If you plan to visit Tel Aviv (Israel's second largest city next to Jerusalem), roaming around this very beautiful city is not a big deal since there's available means of transportation for every tourist once they arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport (BGIA), the city's main entry point as well as of the other surrounding cities. However, even if the airport is the main entry point to Tel Aviv, it is not situated within the city limits but it is located near at the nearby city of Lod, approximately 9 miles (or 15 km) southeast of the city.

From the airport, you will reach the city of Tel Aviv within 20 minutes either by taxi or by train (it is sad to say that there's no bus available from the airport to Tel Aviv). Although there's also an airport in Tel Aviv, the Sde Dov Airport (popularly known as Dov Hoz Airport) only serves domestic flights to other cities like Eilat and to the northern part of Israel. This only means that if you're an international traveler and you want to pay a visit or spend a vacation to Tel Aviv, BGIA is the best point of entry to the "White City".

BGIA is considered as the largest and premier international airport in Israel as it serves the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (also known as Gush Dan) that includes the Central districts and Tel Aviv. And not only that, the airport is also secured and safe because of its maximum security force that taking care of the total safety of the passengers as its top priority. The airport gained this reputation due to its serious fight against terrorism. In fact, from the time it was built in 1936 there is no single report of hijacking or any other kind of terrorism that has been recorded.

Nevertheless, just like the other airports in the world, it has been also a big target of terrorist attacks, that's why there are plenty of airport security guards that defend the airport against these threats. Therefore, don't be bothered if you can see many guards in uniform while inside the airport, this is only part of their massive campaign of maintaining alertness and utmost safety. Security procedures include checking of luggage and even body searches while bags will pass through the X-ray machine. In most cases, if the security personnel think that the person is of low risk and not a big threat at all, they will let them pass certainly.

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